Las Vegas HVACAir conditioning compressor abuse is a result of extended running with improper freon charge which is a result of poor service along the way. Inexperienced or poorly trained HVAC technicians will often overcharge or undercharge the refrigerant in your Las Vegas air conditioner or heat pump. Call Silverstate’s Las Vegas HVAC team at 702-410-6524 today.

We see where other Las Vegas air conditioning repair contractors have installed the wrong starter capacitor as a replacement, removed (rather than repairing/replacing) the thermal limiter.

Another common issue is insufficient oil, mixing incompatible oil types, or wrong oil, installing the compressor on a system that had a major burnout without taking proper steps to remove the acid from the system, installing the wrong compressor (too small) for the system, or installing a new compressor on a system that had some other failure that was never diagnosed.

Our NATE certified Las Vegas air conditioning technicians can work of all the residential and commercial units in this ares. Rest assured we will do the job correctly.