Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Las Vegas - Silverstate Air Conditioning 702-410-6524The Silverstate Las Vegas air conditioning repair team is on call, 24/7, for emergency service to your furnace, a/c unit, compressor, humidifier and air filter system. When replacing equipment, we always recommend products that carry the Energy Star® label. That means that the government has tested the unit and recognizes its superior level of energy efficient performance.

Air Conditioning Repair Las Vegas Promotes Maintenance, Efficiency, and Savings

You don’t have to spend as much on cooling and heating your home or office as you currently do. There are things you and our team of Las Vegas emergency air conditioning repair technicians can do to reduce the monthly operational costs of your units as well as lower your maintenance and air conditioning repair costs over the life of your unit. There have been dramatic developments in HVAC equipment and their efficiency. But they are only as good as the maintenance plan. You wouldn’t go a year without changing your car’s oil, would you?

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High Heating and Cooling Equipment Repair Bills?

Air Conditioning Repair Las Vegas will make every effort to make a long lasting repair to your heat pump, a/c unit or air conditioner and furnace, but their come a time when replacing the equipment just makes more since. Our advisors can help you make the right choice for your situation and we pledge we will not take advantage of your situation.

Now is the time to call for a preseason checkup. We will service and clean you condenser unit, coils, furnace, condensate line and air filters.

A More Efficient Home Saves the Environment

Are you and your family concerned about the environment but don’t want to lower your standard of living or reduce your level of comfort. There is something you can do and over the life cycle of the equipment, you will actually save money.

The new Energy Star® equipment has been shown to reduce cooling bills by as much as 60% over conventional or builders grade equipment.