Amana Furnace Repair - Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair - Silverstate Furnace Repair 702-410-6524Every year the local winter temperatures in Las Vegas show a sharp drop that will force you to use your heat furnaces more frequently. This could be the cause for your systems breaking down more often and inflating your service and maintenance bills. Silverstate’s Las Vegas Air Conditioning and Heating is your local furnace contractor and we have a highly qualified and experienced team of technicians who can give you expert inspection, consultation, sales, repairs and servicing of the latest models of heat furnaces from Amana.

Why don’t you give us a call at 702-410-6524 and we will offer you a preseason inspection that will detect any existing and likely damages to your heat furnaces.

Amana Furnaces

The Amana furnace line of products have earned recognition for the robust, durable and multi-tasking products they have in their stable. You should make it your own and use it to keep your home cool in the summer months with a good air conditioning system and nicely warm and comfortable during the harsh winter months with a good heat furnace.

With their unique programs of extended parts warranty of up to ten years and a lifetime replacement warranty on any failure of heat exchanger units, the Amana range are the preferred choice of contractors and home developers who may also look forward to claiming a federal tax credit of up to $200.

AFUE Rating Information

“Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency” Rating or the AFUE of your furnace is the percentage overall efficiency of your furnace for an entire year without any direct reference to it’s actual energy efficiency. The latest generation of furnaces are delivered with a minimum AFUE rating of 78% and Amana furnaces have achieved this. Call our nearest Amana furnace repair center today to know more.

How A Furnace Works

The furnace contains a heating element using electricity, gas or oil to heat air in the room and uses a blower or fan to circulate this heated air through the room. The blower unit has vents to blow hot air and suck in colder air which is heated and moved back into the room.

The Importance Of A Preseason Check-Up

A preseason check-up that will not only get your furnace in good shape for a long winter ahead but will also identify any likelihood of a major damage before it converts into a critical repair job is just what the doctor ordered to keep your systems in fighting fit condition.

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