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Our technicians are unmatched when it comes to latest industry knowledge and friendly service. This BBB A+ rated Las Vegas American Standard Furnace repair contractor has NATE certified technicians that know their jobs well and get your HVAC equipment functioning smoothly in no time.

American Standard heat furnaces

If you have your requirements in mind, go explore American Standard range of furnaces. They have a wide range of heating equipment with AFUE rating in between 80% to 96.7%, which is very high as compared to others. So no matter what your requirements are, you can choose from Ultimate, Premium and Contemporary range of furnaces and find a furnace that suits your needs and budget. Equipment with high AFUE rating is more efficient and saves money from your utility bills. American Standard offers furnaces that run on oil and gas. They are best known for reducing short cycling and avoiding temperature swings.

The Working of a furnace

Every furnace basically constitutes of two components, a fan that blows air in and out of the furnace and also circulates it within the room. The heating element is placed inside the furnace to heat the air present there. This way, the entire air of the room is heated slowly hence increasing the temperature within the room. The heating element may use different types of fuel like gas, oil or even electricity to produce the heat.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Rating

As the name suggests, Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE rating measures how fuel efficient the equipment is. If a furnace has the efficiency of 85%, it means that it uses 85% of the fuel provided, while the remaining gets wasted. Higher the AFUE rating, better the efficiency and lesser the fuel consumption cost. Get assistance from our Las Vegas American standard furnace repair team to grab a model of highest AFUE.

Repairing before it breaks!

Pre-season check-ups are done to make sure your furnace is in proper condition before the winter season arrives. A pre-season appointment with your HVAC technician is necessary to avoid emergency repairs and last minute inconveniences. You simply cannot ignore routine maintenance and pre-season check-ups. If the system breaks down on the coldest night, it would become hard to survive by the time you make a call and a technician reaches you.

Though we offer quick emergency repair service, pre-season check-up is what we recommend to all our Las Vegas customers.