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Being in business for past 20 years in Las Vegas, we are also aware of the kinds of threats and issues that arise in this particular climate. If you want to install new Armstrong Air equipment in your home or office, or need a repair, feel free to give us a call right away on 702-410-6524.

Armstrong Air Furnaces

Armstrong is the best company for heating equipment in terms of efficiency. They are in business since 1928 and offer furnaces with AFUE ratings as high as 95% and save the maximum on electricity bills. Lennox is the parent company for Armstrong and it comes with a wide range of products. Armstrong products are the most popular in Las Vegas area.

How a Furnace Works?

A furnace is composed of two main sections including a blower section and a heating element section. Air is pulled in from one end of the furnace, heated and then blown out in the room from the other end. This warm air is spread throughout the room while more air moves inside the furnace. The heating element performs the temperature increment in the furnace while the blower section is responsible for air circulation.

Choose the Right Filter

Filters are integral parts of any furnace and come with many additional features these days. Filters are fitted with humidifiers and dehumidifiers to maintain the level of moisture inside your room as required. They also purify the air inside the room protecting you from microscopic pollutants and allergens. You can look for MERV rating in filters to verify its efficiency.

Routine Maintenance

Armstrong air furnaces are one of the best available furnaces with highest efficiency ratings. These furnaces can continue to perform optimally for a long time if maintained properly. The Las Vegas air conditioning repair team recommends our customers to regularly get their equipment serviced and go for pre-season check-ups. These ensure that the furnace is ready to take up the full load in cold winters.

In places like Boulder City, Green Valley, Henderson City, North Las Vegas, it is difficult to survive even for few hours in winters without the furnace performing properly. Emergency Armstrong furnace repairs also charge more than routine ones. So do not wait much and call us today!