Bryant Furnace Repair - Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair - Silverstate Furnace Repair 702-410-6524As the Las Vegas winters here get colder than ever, you will be using your heating systems more often which is why you should call Silverstate’s Las Vegas Air Conditioning┬áRepair Contractor to give you preseason checkups, advice and sales and repair services of all models of heating systems from Bryant, one of the best brands in the market. We have the best qualified and experienced BBB A+ rated and NATE certified experts who will give you customized solutions for your particular needs. So give us a call at 702-410-6524 now.

Bryant Furnace

Bryant Furnace was established in 1904 and has acquired a reputation for putting the customers above their business of dealing in heating and cooling equipment. Bryant has grown to be an industry leader in the home furnace segment by making and selling products that are reliable and are backed up by trusty service. They have always put their customers before their products.

Bryant began the furnace tradition over a century back which is more about earning the confidence, trust and gratitude of the customer by giving them durability, reliability and unrivaled quality. However, to get best of their heat furnaces, you need to keep them in best condition and our Bryant furnace repair team will help you in that!

What is AFUE Rating?

“Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency” (AFUE) rating is expressed in a form of percentage and though it doesn’t directly indicate the energy efficiency, of your furnace, it reflects its overall efficiency calculated over a year. The new generation furnaces have a minimum 78 % AFUE and you can upgrade your old system with a new one with help of Chandler Air Conditioning for great energy saving.

How Does A Furnace Work?

The heating element and the blower or fan are the two main parts of a furnace. The heating element uses fuels or electricity to heat the air inside, the blower unit circulates warm air throughout the room. The Blower uses vents to blow the hot air and to draw cool air which is heated by the heating element.

Why buy a two stage and variable speed furnace?

While traditional furnace always operate at its optimum capacity (burning always the set amount of fuel to get output of maximum BTUs), two stage furnace runs in single stage most of the times (mild winter), hence consuming less fuel. It runs in second phase only when temperature drops a lot (hard winter). So, the temperature swing is comparatively very less than the traditional furnaces that often result in large temperature swings in your home.

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