Silverstate’s Las Vegas Air Conditioning, your local furnace repair contractor will inspect, advise, sell, service and repair your Carrier systems in Las Vegas with the help of our highly trained and NATE qualified technicians who can handle just about any model of heat furnace from Carrier. As the wintry nights get colder each year in this desert climate, you will find yourself using your heating systems more often and for longer hours. This will naturally increase the wear and tear resulting in frequent break downs.

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Carrier Heat Furnace

Irrespective of the kind of heating system you have at your home just now, or the kind of fuels it may use, Carrier will always have an oil or gas furnace to match your lifestyle and you will have plenty of options to choose from. According to Carrier, the only competitor to the fuel efficiency of their heating systems is the Sun. The high AUFE ratings of their systems only goes to prove their efficiency vis-a-vis other competing brands.

The most energy efficient of the Carrier furnaces is the Infinity 96 Gas Furnace which has a 96.6% AFUE rating and comes equipped with the latest advancement in technology, the Infinity System which is proprietary to only Carrier. This advancement takes the level of comfort in your home literally to the next level.

The Working Of A Furnace

A furnace contains a heating element that makes use of electricity, gas or oil to heat air in the room and a blower or fan to circulate this heated air throughout the room. The blower unit has vents to blow hot air and suck in colder air which is heated and circulated back into the room.

Advantages Of A Two-Stage And Variable Speed Furnace

Traditional furnaces burn a constant amount of fuel to output maximum BTUs irrespective of the outside temperature whereas two-stage furnaces will mostly run in the first stage which is set for milder weather, burning lesser fuel. They go to the second stage only when temperature drops are huge.

Service Agreements

We also offer service agreements for periodic maintenance for your heat furnaces. Entering in to such service agreements will not only ensure that your system always run in its peak capacity but in case of any emergency carrier furnace repair, your call will be placed on priority basis. Moreover, your maintenance will come at much discounted rate.

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