Goodman Furnace Repair - Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair - Silverstate Furnace Repair 702-410-6524Here in Green Valley, North Las Vegas, Boulder City and other nearby communities of Las Vegas, as the local temperatures drop more severely each year during the wintry nights, you will put your heating systems to greater use than ever before which means they will also wear out faster than ever before. At Silverstate’s Las Vegas Air Conditioning┬áRepair and Heating services, you will get every solution for your Goodman furnace.

Give us a call now at 702-410-6524. We have BBB A+ and NATE certified technical teams if you need inspection, consultation, repairs or sales for all models of heat furnaces from Goodman. A good idea would be to call us and let us give your system a preseason checkup to preempt any likelihood of major damage in the near future.

Goodman Furnace

Goodman Furnace, with 30 years of operations offers a wide range of furnaces classified as Standard Efficient furnaces for smaller homes and structures and Super Efficient furnaces for huge buildings and houses. They have developed parts for their products that are meant to provide maximum efficiency which can be gauged from the percentage of fuel consumed against that wasted. Their pride lies in the fact that their products meet the 78% minimum AFUE rating prescribed by the US Department of Energy.

What we offer

  • Complete residential and commercial furnace solutions
  • Goodman repair/upgrade/ servicing from authorized, factory trained expert technicians
  • Free consultancy or second opinion
  • Annual maintenance service agreements
  • Stress on heat furnaces that have higher AFUE rating to save your energy bills
  • Professional preseason check ups
  • 24 X 7 Emergency repair

Why buy a two stage and variable speed furnace?

While a traditional furnace always operates at optimum capacity (burning always the set amount of fuel to get output of maximum BTUs), a two stage furnace runs in single stage most of the times (mild winter), consuming less fuel. The second phase works only when the temperature drops severely.

Variable speed furnaces have an intelligent technology offering continuous monitoring of air blown by the blower and speed adjustment to meet the requirements of consistent flow of warm air throughout your room.

Filters for Furnace

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is the industry standard rating for filters and the higher the MERV rating, the more efficient your filter is. A good filter allows more air to flow freely through your heating system and maximizes fuel savings. If you are sensitive to indoor pollutants or suffer from allergies then it makes sense to have a good filter.

Contact our master technician for most efficient Goodman furnace repair.