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The Working Of A Furnace

The furnace contains a heating element using electricity, gas or oil to heat air in the room and a blower or fan to circulate this heated air throughout the room. The blower unit has vents to blow hot air and suck in colder air which is heated and circulated back into the room.

What is AFUE Rating?

While purchasing a furnace for your home or business, it is important that you know about its efficiency. There are standards and ratings like AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) that help us select the most efficient furnace. This rating is in the form of percentage and the more the rating is, greater is the efficiency of the furnace. This rating is calculated based on the performance of the furnace observed over the year. Most good quality furnaces have this rating of at least 78%.

Importance of two stage and variable speed furnace?

Traditionally, furnaces were designed in such a manner that they always operated at the same speed and capacity. The truth is this is a waste of energy and load on the furnace because the requirement of heating varies depending on the weather. A two stage furnace has two different settings that can be used for mild and hard winters respectively.

A two stage furnace is a smart new generation equipment that can intelligently sense the air of the room and adjust its speed accordingly based on the requirement. So a variable speed furnace turns out to be far more economical compared to any traditional type of furnace.

If you want to pick up a good quality two stage variable speed furnace for your home or office, our expert technician at Paradise Furnace Repair can assist you in understanding your needs and selecting the best furnace accordingly.

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