It is a well known fact that each year in Las Vegas the winters are getting colder forcing its citizens to make greater use of their heating systems for longer hours, increasing the Rheem Furnace Repair - Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair - Silverstate Furnace Repair 702-410-6524chances of wear and tear ending in major breakdowns and huge repair bills. We at Silverstate’s Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair and Heating company will give you expert check ups, sound advice, sales, repair and service of any model including the latest from Rheem Furnace.

If you call us early at 702-410-6524 , we will give your equipment a thorough preseason check up that will even detect any possible damages likely to occur in the near future. So call us today and be at ease this winter season.

Rheem Furnace

The brothers Richard and Donald Rheem purchased a galvanizing plant in the 1920’s and established the Rheem Manufacturing Company in San Francisco, CA and later, in between the 1940’s and 50’s expanded the business to include air conditioning and heating systems.

The range of Rheems 90+ gas furnaces have over 20 models with AFUE efficiency ratings ranging from 80% to 94.5% and are available in the market in three distinct classes using the brand name ‘Classic Series’ for the economy models, the ‘Value-Line Series’ for the mid-range efficiency models and the ‘Prestige Series’ for the premium gas furnaces.

We are well known, authorized Rheem furnace repair contractor operating in Las Vegas community for last two decades. Our factory trained and NATE certified engineers are capable to address any problem of any models of Rheem furnace.

AFUE Rating Information

The “Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency” Rating or the AFUE of a furnace is the overall efficiency of the furnace for an entire year and is calculated in percentage,  without referring to it’s actual energy efficiency. The newer generation of furnaces come with a minimum AFUE rating of 78%.

The Working Of A Furnace

A furnace is made of two main components, a heating element that uses electricity or fuels like gas or oil to heat air and a blower or fan to circulate this heated air across the room. The blower unit has vents for blowing out hot air and sucking in cold air which is then heated and circulated back into the room.

The Importance Of A Preseason Check-Up

A preseason check-up is a very good thing to do to get your furnace in good shape for a long winter ahead and it will also help to identify any likelihood of a major damage before it converts into a critical repair job. A preseason check up is much cheaper than emergency repair as it is carried out in comparatively off-seasons. Call us Now.