In a typical desert climatic conditions like Las Vegas where you witness a sharp drop in temperature, you are ready to fire your furnace to make your room warm only to find that Spring Valley Furnace Repair - Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair - Silverstate Furnace Repair 702-410-6524your HVAC machine is not giving optimum performance it is capable of. No need to worry; Spring Valley homeowners and commercial property managers need to just call Silverstate’s Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair and Heating Contractor at 702-410-6524 for any repair, upgrade, maintenance works of your heat furnaces regardless of its brand and model.

At this Spring Valley Furnace Repair Center, we serve the needs of our numerous patrons from Spring Valley, Boulder City, North Las Vegas, Green Valley and nearby communities of Las Vegas. We are NATE certified technicians that are factory trained and authorized to handle all major brands of furnaces. Our service parameters reflect in the A+ Rating we have received from BBB and numerous testimonies from our clients.

What is your Furnace AFUE rating?

Well, AFUE rating indicates the overall efficiency of your Spring Valley furnace over the period of one year. This will easily let you know how much energy consumption your furnace will be having. We stress on the importance of AFUE rating while you are upgrading new furnace as we care about you. Call us to know more about you and we will guide you to get one with AFUE more than 80% (78% is the minimum bar set by DOE on new equipment).

Service Agreements

While your furnace is no doubt a reliable system, its continuous use, extra load during hard winters deplete its performance. Periodic Maintenance is the the way to prevent this from happening. Our thorough servicing plans will ensure that your system will always be in peak condition and we will identify any minor issue at the very initial stage to rectify. In addition in case of any emergency repairs, we place your call on priority over others if we are in service agreement with you.

Furnace Filters

Nowadays, diverse kinds of furnace filters are present in the market to perform numerous functions. Even if you are relying on old furnace system that is running well, you can think of upgrading its filter with a new kind of MERV filter for enhanced efficiency and performance. MERV means “Minimum Efficiency reporting Value” and a higher MERV rating reflects the better efficiency of the filter. These are filters that clean the air and make it free from allergens and pollutants and are also capable of controlling the humidity of the room.

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