The different varieties of highly efficient heat pumps available in the Las Vegas market today are very useful in providing us warmth during the cold winters. It can get very confusing to decide which one to purchase and so it would be good for us if we had some useful tips to help compare the different pumps properly.

The simplest and foremost method for doing this would be to test the efficiency of the heat pump to warm up a room during winters. An ideally good pump must be capable of producing good heating when it is cold. Foe example, High capacity pumps are needed for the radiant and forced air systems while an average powered one will do for normal usage. Besides this, there are many other ways to properly compare between different heat pumps.

Heat Pump Rating Types

  • SEER which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and HSPF which is the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor are the two types of ratings by which heat pumps are differentiated.
  • These two rating types are different and a good SEER rating does not ensure a good HSPF rating or vice-versa.
  • The SEER rating determines the cooling efficiency of a heat pump and if you require one to effectively cool the house, then a high SEER rated pump is what’s best for you
  • The HSPF rating determines the heating efficiency of the pump and a good HSPF rated pump is what you should buy if you are looking to have a warm house.

The Benefits of Comparison

Heat pumps are varied and have a number of applications and so there is a lot to be gained by comparing heat pumps and you can use this comparison to get yourself the best one. Radiant heating, forced air systems in multiple zones and domestic use are some of the common applications for heat pumps.