Should Las Vegas homeowners and commercial property managers be concerned with indoor air pollution?  Many structures have been found to have poisonous gas such as radon. There are some housekeeping cleaners we use daily that can make us sick. Call Silverstate’s Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair team to clear the air in your building.

Has Bacteria, Mold and Mildew Started Growing in Your Las Vegas Heating and Cooling Unit?

You are  being subjected to health problems because the HVAC system is circulating bacteria, mold and viruses. But take hop: There is a natural solution to eliminating these allergens.

Ultraviolet Light in Your Las Vegas HVAC System Can Purify the Air

The sun rays destroys bacteria and viruses, so what if you could expose the air in your home to its purifying rays? Now you can. Niels Finsen, about a hundred years ago, found that UV light kills the tuberculosis virus. Since then, ultraviolet radiation has been used to kill off all kinds of microscopic contaminants.

UV lights not only destroy the toxins in the plenum and duct work, but it cleans the air through your home as the air is blown threw the HVAC system. As air from the home passes by the Ultraviolet light, airborne toxins also pass by it, killing off the viruses and other allergens.