Don’t Assume You Need a Larger Air Conditioner or Heat Pump

Air Conditioning Repair in Las Vegas NVTo make sure you purchase the correct central air and heating system for your business or home, there are a few things your Las Vegas HVAC consultant should do first. Silverstate Heating and Air will do a load calculation before pricing out a new air conditioning system.

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We start by finding the square footage of the building, then measure the height of the ceilings and get the height and width of all the windows. We take into consideration the direction your structure faces. Once we have all this information, it will make it easier for your air conditioning specialist to match your building with the right system.

When purchasing your unit, look for a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 13 or higher and an Energy Star rating, both will ensure that your air conditioner is energy efficient. That means you will be saving money on your electric bill each month.

Annual Service and Maintenance Agreements Pay Dividends

Once you’ve purchased the right central air and heating unit, seriously consider purchasing an Annual Service Contract. You might not think it’s something you really need, but think about it, having a trained professional Las Vegas HVAC technician performing routine maintenance on your air conditioner will add years to the life of the unit.

Now, your home or office will be cool for your clients and employees, even on the hottest days of summer!