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While all Las Vegas Geothermal Heat Pumps draw their thermal energy from ground sources, based on the system of heating distribution, they are further classified into 4 main types. These are known as Water to Air, Water to Water, Combo and Split system. Lt us explore these different types in details…

Water to Air

This most commonly used geothermal heat pump systems in Las Vegas that provide a great alternative for traditional furnaces and used in the houses with forced air systems. When ground heat is absorbed, it is transferred via ground loop to refrigerant loop (water part). Then the refrigerant is compressed and moved in front of fan unit and hot air is cycled in the room (air part) through duct network. To obtain cooling, the process is simply switched in reverse.

These systems either require small duct network with high velocity forced air systems (SpacePak or Unico) or large ductwork to meet the requirements of heating and cooling of comparatively greater volume of air.

Water to Water

This Hydronic type Geothermal Heat Pump systems come with a slight change. Instead of moving the heated and compressed refrigerant in front of fan unit, it is directly transferred to another water loop, which maintains the circulation through the system and hence known as hydronic or water to water systems. Most of the times, its distribution is based on the principle of radiant heat.


As the name itself suggests, it works on the combination of the previously explained two types of distribution of heat (hydronic and forced air). This is particularly more suitable for the Las Vegas offices and homes, which have high percentage of heat loss due to constantly opened window/door/ and need more cooling or heating.

Split System

Very similar to traditional heat pump on the water side, however it circulates the refrigerant to remote air handler in long loop. This system has an added benefit of delivering heat to the places with difficult access with the help of air handler and offer greater flexibility.

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